I personally met with and interviewed 10 different local Los Angeles matchmakers, so I guess you can say that I did my due diligence when it came to whom I was going to hire. After meeting with Felix face to face, it became very clear to me right away that he was not interested in telling me what I wanted to hear. I felt like every matchmaking company that I met with was just trying too hard to tell me exactly what I wanted to hear so that I would hire them…that was definitely NOT the case with Felix. He broke down my entire dating history and evaluated my dating and relationship habits, to conclude that I was going to have to reassess what I wanted in order to be successful when it came to meeting the love of my life. I must admit, the first couple month of working with Felix was a bit challenging for me, primarily because he kept pushing me to step outside of my comfort zone. In my fourth month as a client, Felix introduced me to Jason. I would have NEVER picked Jason as a potential match for myself. He was shorter than I prefer and lived in the South Bay, which was way farther than I would have ever considered when it came to meeting someone. I have to tell you, it was not instant chemistry, but with coaching and a little pushing, i have to admit that I think I knew Jason was the right man for me by our third date! Jason and I got engaged December 31st, 2019…New Years Eve! We are planning a quiet Hawaiian destination wedding with close friends and family in late 2020. I highly recommend interviewing with Felix if you are considering hiring a matchmaker, I guarantee it will be life changing to say the least!