Breaking the Rules of Dating

As a matchmaker, dating and relationship expert, I speak with thousands of singles that are looking to meet the love of their lives. Most people tell me they know exactly what they’re looking for in a life partner, but the truth of the matter is, most people have no clue what it is they really want. The most common responses from singles about what they are looking for in a partner are, “They have to have a great sense of humor, they have to have strong core values and come from a good family, they have to be active and adventurous…” These qualities are all basic generalizations that the majority of the singles population list about themselves on their online dating profiles. These are not unique personalized qualities that create a true sense of individuality about one’s self. How many online profiles do you have to scroll through or how many people do you have to meet at a bar before you would consider going on a date with them? How many dates do you actually have to go on with someone before you really know if you potentially met Mr. or Ms. Right? Most singles I interview say they would know after just one date because of all of the time and energy that was spent before they actually agreed to go out with someone. If this is true, then why are so many great first dates, last dates? If you are finally at a place in your life where you’re tired of dating and are ready to meet the love of your life, then that means you are going to have to start dating smarter, not harder. This also means that you may have to start challenging yourself to create new dating rules, instead of doing what everyone else is doing. In other words, if the standard dating rules that currently exist really work, then why are so many people still single?

For starters, I believe that many of today’s singles are relying too much on technology and chemistry as the driving force behind who they consider dating. Online personality tests, computerized compatibility algorithms combined with a great online photo and profile is the best way to ensure you will meet your life’s true love, right? With so many people using technology and chemistry as the driving force behind meeting someone, I can’t help but wonder how our parents did it, or their parent’s parents for that matter? Before technology allowed us to become lazy daters, there was a time when people used a genuine sense of getting to know someone before they even considered going on an actual date. There was a time when expectations were more realistic and people would date for months for the purpose of really getting to know each other, before they ended the dating process, rarely was it just one date. Why have we become so focused on looking for reasons why we shouldn’t date someone, rather than focusing on what we really like about the person we are meeting? How many people are you not meeting or giving a chance to because you don’t like their photo, something they wrote on a profile or just didn’t like something they said when in conversation with them? When it comes to dating, I believe that every person that is single could find themselves in a loving, romantic, passionate relationship if they really made a conscious effort to give more people they date a real chance.

I challenge you to meet someone that you believe you are truly compatible with, without looking at their photo. I challenge you to walk up to someone at a bar that you would normally not give the time of day to, and spend some time getting to know them. I challenge you to be real and authentic about whom you are and I challenge you to have a true sense of authenticity when asking someone about who they are and what they are interested in.

Men, I refuse to accept that chivalry is dead. Take extra time and energy to explore the women you are meeting for the purposes of finding out what they are truly about, what makes them tick. Take the time to listen to what women’s needs are and stop trying to impress them. Don’t have intimate relations with a woman unless your intentions to pursue a relationship with them are genuine, true and pure. Women will respond to you if you stop looking to see what you can get out of them, and start approaching them from the standpoint of what you can give them. This means that you should be respectful to women and their needs and not just try use women to fulfill your own needs. Most women want a giving, sensitive man that is confident, yet not overbearing, so do your best to balance trying to impress a woman with being yourself on a date.

Women, I understand you have worked hard to become who you are in today’s day and age, however, you should know that femininity is the ultimate fragrance that men are attracted to, not the latest perfume that claims to drive men wild. It has become increasingly more difficult for women to figure out what their roles are when it comes to dating. Just because some women have to work twice as hard to get ahead in the business world, does not mean that this effort should not carry on in the world of dating. Leave your work at the office and try to chime into your inner beauty. Never go straight from work to a dinner date or a night out. My suggestion is that every woman should take the time to unwind after their workday before they go on a date. Take a nice long bath, listen to something relaxing and romantic and take the time to make sure you look as feminine as possible.

Always remember to keep the focus on what makes you, you and do your best to get to know the person you are dating. Take two or three dates to really get to know someone and don’t allow yourself to manifest what you don’t like about them to be the reason why you stop dating. You owe it to yourself to really get to know someone before you count them out, but this also means that you owe it to yourself to allow who you’re dating to really get to know you too.

I am the CEO of Elite Matchmaking, one of the largest Personalized Matchmaking companies in North America. Prior to Elite, I was the Vice President of sales and Operations for a publicly traded company with over 3,500 locations. My passion to combine my extensive business growth and management background with matchmaking and relationship coaching has assisted with the rapid expansion of Elite’s current national locations and tens of thousands of active clients. I have been a specialist in the matchmaking industry for almost a decade. I match both men and women successfully, most in part to the fact that I bring a fresh new male perspective to an industry that is 99% female oriented.

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