Louie Felix

Founder & CEO

Louie Felix has been a matchmaking expert in the relationship industry for almost two decades. He served as the CEO of two of the country’s largest matchmaking companies, as well as running the largest dating company in California. He’s personally responsible for the successful matchmaking efforts of more than 50,000 clients, respectively. Currently, Felix is the founder and CEO of Matchmaking VIP, which provides boutique concierge level matchmaking services to clients around the world. His unique “logic based” proprietary matchmaking methodology, has attributed to an astounding 90% plus success rate. Felix has been featured as an expert matchmaker for shows on E!, WeTV and the CW. He was also featured as a top 5 worldwide matchmaker at the International Dating Conference and he provides expert advice to the media on the state of the matchmaking and dating industry.

Jennifer Turner Is considered one of the top matchmakers in the country. With over 15 years of professional matchmaking experience, Jennifer has a proven track record of thousands of successful matches. As a third generation matchmaker, Jennifer utilizes her strong instincts and intuition combined with her keen understanding of people to ensure the success of her clients.


Senior Matchmaker

Simone has been a Relationship Director in the matchmaking industry for almost 5 years. Her ability to understand prospective clients relationship goals to see if working with a matchmaker is right for them, has helped thousands of people begin the successful matchmaking process.


Relationship Director

Amy is the newest Relationship Director at Matchmaking VIP. Her years of experience in styling and coaching has made her a natural fit. Amy has a gift for connecting with people and a talent for understanding peoples’ wants and needs in a relationship.


Relationship Director

Melissa’s entire business background has been based on formulating and delivering great relationships.  An entrepreneur at heart, she built an award-winning, successful headhunting business that was well known for its discriminate eye. After selling her company, she devoted her life and career to a different type of relationship business and her true passion…matchmaking.


Director of Marketing

Kimberly combines her skills as a seasoned therapist, dating coach and an image consultant.  Kimberly specializes in updating and discovering your dating image by doing makeovers, and provides personalized, hands-on dating coaching to help you prepare for those hot dates!  Her specialty is helping people with dating after divorce. She is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post Divorce and you can see her other articles and videos as an expert on YourTango.com, Huffington Post, Aol.com, Cosmopolitan Magazine and Yahoo Shine.


Matchmaker, Dating Coach

We often say that Edward’s middle name is customer service. His inherent personality makes our team and each one of our clients feel as though we are all part of one big family.  Having over 20 years of experience in heading up client relations for both leading industries and fortune 500 companies, he has perfected the art of customer service. Edward delivers a white-glove, red carpet kind of experience that each one of our clients pays for and deserves.


Director of Client Relations