A Single Delusion?

You would think being single in 2010 is easy, right? You have all the wisdom of the past along with the most advanced technology of the present. Singles looking to meet the love of their life have all the necessary resources right at their fingertips. The most efficient online singles dating sites with endless levels of compatibility questions to ensure you find yourself in a healthy, loving relationship. There are Dating and Relationship coaches to hold your hand all the way to the altar. Your friends and family have “someone they’d love for you to meet because you are perfect for each other.” In a world with so much help and countless resources to ensure you meet the love of your life, get married and have the 2.5 children in the perfect house with the white picket fence, then why are you still single? Are all singles really delusional to believe that their “perfect match” will magically appear as a direct result of someone else’s guidance and efforts?

It’s time to delete your log in’s and passwords and consider a real solution to your single delusion. Unlike dating coaches, matchmakers really do offer you the upper hand when it comes to meeting the love of your life. Dating on your own only offers one perception of the truth behind why someone does or does not want to continue dating you. A dating coach can definitely offer some great insight on why you’re not getting to “I do”, but the truth of the matter is that a dating coach is still only as good as your feedback to them. Even then, a dating coach can only offer you a one sided conclusion of why your dates are not turning into the long term commitment minded relationship you were hoping for. What good is dating if you don’t have a big picture goal, right?

In my opinion, utilizing matchmakers to help you meet the love of your life is the only way to ensure your success. Matchmakers will offer you something that none of the online dating sites or Relationship Coaches can, a greater than 50% control of the final outcome of your dates. The fact is, you can’t really ever truly know what someone thinks about you, all you know is what they tell you. Matchmakers give you the upper hand and more control with dating because we represent both parties. Imagine having insider information about what your date really thinks about you. They say the truth will set you free, but could you really handle the truth? What if two or three different people you dated all said the same thing about you? What if you are the reason why you are not meeting Mr. or Ms. Right?

Most people that I speak to that are considering hiring a matchmaker are tired of continuously meeting people that are not looking for the same type of relationship. Matchmakers personally interview everyone that they’re considering matching you with, which means that you’re only going to be matched with people that share similar core values, personality traits, family background and religion or spirituality. Imagine what it would be like to only be introduced to people that shared similar interests and goals, that shared the same core vales, they are looking for the same type of relationship you are looking for and best of all, you have amazing chemistry. It’s not a dating delusion with the help of a matchmaker, it’s a singles dream turned into a reality.

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