Matchmaking VIP follows strict privacy policies to safeguard the confidentiality of our members’ personal data. Upon joining Matchmaking VIP members fill out a profile which includes confidential information. The staff of Matchmaking VIP uses this information to create appropriate social introductions between members. These introductions are based on each individuals’ interests, background, personality and expectations. Matchmaking VIP does not share this information with any other individual or body, either public or private. We do not sell our membership lists.

We provide a member’s contact information to another member only in the event that both individuals agree to share these details. In addition, Matchmaking VIP staff maintains discretion when contacting our members. If an Matchmaking VIP staff member calls a member’s house and the member is not at home, the staff member will simply leave a callback name and phone number but will not mention that the call comes from Matchmaking VIP.
Members of Matchmaking VIP can rest assured that Matchmaking VIP respects their confidentiality and safeguards their privacy in every way possible.