Early in his career as a matchmaker, Louie spotted the difference between facilitating love and a matchmaking industry focused on the wrong things. Over time singles are inundated with so many options–online dating sites, countless dating advice resources, speed dating, and even matchmakers who have unnecessarily complicated the very simple nature of meeting your perfect match.

Many singles believe they can have it all without being it all themselves! People often focus on all of the qualities and characteristics of their impossibly long and perfectionistic “laundry list” of requirements. This creates more potential to fail than succeed. The foundational elements of a relationship are what create a lasting and happy match—things such as core values, family background, religion or spirituality compatibility, world view and agreement about what makes a good life work well.

Louie believes that many singles wouldn’t even see the potential love of their life if they were standing right in front of that person because daters lose sight of the big picture. He believes it is impossible to know after only 1-3 dates if you can see yourself dating or pursuing a relationship with someone. Rather than rushing through frantic first dates why not linger with one strong possibility and enjoy the process of getting to know them?

Louie worked with clients who had experienced difficulties dating and realized that there were major components holding people back from meeting the love of their life, including:

  • Focusing too much on what they didn’t like about each person they dated and completely disregarding all of the qualities and characteristics they liked about the person. In essence, looking for the negative tended to outweigh the positive.
  • Over thinking and over processing after just one date, jumping into analyzing if they could see themselves married to this person. Worrying about what friends and family might say. Imagining if they would want children with their date.
  • Facing the chaos of too many dating choices and too much time spent managing dating.
  • Allowing outside influences to impact their own views about who they are dating.
  • Giving too much weight to emotions and chemistry at the beginning without letting attraction reveal itself.
  • Being too judgmental too fast and not appreciating the person they are dating.
  • Losing sight of what they really want and who they really are because their minds are cluttered with all of the information about dating, much of it created by people who are not experts.


Louie revolutionized the matchmaking industry with his “Logic Based, back to basics” matchmaking approach.