Will Matchmaking VIP work for me?
Yes! You have come to us because you are not happy with the people you are currently meeting. We are experts who work to create lasting relationships. We know how to match people successfully and our expert staff have been doing it for a combined 22+ years!

Do you cater to the type of quality clients that I’d be interested in meeting?
Yes we do! We have a very large and diverse client base so we are able to match up individuals with your preferences and interests. Just as you are looking for a certain quality someone, they are also here looking for you.

How many people are in your client base?
We have access to thousands of clients across the nation. However, more important than the number of people in our client base, is the quality of people at Matchmaking VIP. We are confident that we have compatible matches who you would enjoy meeting and getting to know better. We are not interested in wasting your time by presenting you with less than suitable matches. Our primary goal is to focus on introducing you to Quality over Quantity.

How do you select my matches?
Compatibility and Core Values. At Matchmaking VIP we start with compatibility first and foremost. Your match is someone with whom you share similar lifestyles, beliefs, values and personal and professional goals. These fundamental elements are essential to ensure that your relationship will have a solid foundation that goes deeper than just chemistry and attraction. This will also improve your chances of experiencing the long-lasting, healthy relationship you have been longing for.